Universal Stiffener with Mounting Screws

The Universal Stiffener™ is an aluminum bar that functions as a mechanical printed circuit board (PCB) stiffener, a heat transfer device or an electrical bus bar.     

The typical construction for a PCB stiffener is a rectangular bar with drilled and tapped holes.  Most PCB stiffeners are just that, but drilling and tapping holes in a bar is expensive.  The Universal Stiffener with screw mounting, reduces this expense with design that will accept a screw anywhere along its length. 

PCB Stiffener with Mounting Screw

The screw thread is along the full length of the stiffener.  Mounting screws can be inserted anywhere along the entire length.
      Catalog #
  "A" Inches   "B" Inches
     Length "L"
   Inches +/- .03
   Mounting Screw     Tightening
   Torque, Max.
   STS-0990    .25 .19 9.90 #2-56 #2 Screw, 2 in. lbs.
STS-**** Any Length
ST-1000 .31 .25 10.00 #4-40 #4 Screw, 2 in. lbs.
ST-**** Any Length
 STL-1200 .38 .31 12.00 #6-32 #6 Screw, 10 in. lbs.
STL-**** Any Length

****PCB stiffeners available in any length to a maximum of 72 inches.
STS-Series stiffener is designed to accept #2-56 screw only.
ST-Series stiffener is designed to accept #4-40 screw only.
STL-Series stiffener is designed to accept #6-32 screw only.

The Universal Stiffener is an aluminum extrusion alloy 6063-T6 available in two finishes:
  • Clear Trivalent Conversion Coating (standard)
  • Anodize (black)

Finish must be specified upon ordering.

* Mounting kits also available in packs of 100, 500 and 1,000.
For more information on PCB stiffeners, please contact us toll free at 877-791-4426.

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