AALL AMERICAN Fasteners offers a wide variety of locking or anti-loosening fasteners suitable for a multitude of applications. While the term “locking” does not mean permanently secured, these fasteners do demonstrate anti-loosening properties.  In many fasteners, the locking function is inherent to the design while others are modified physically or by applying compounds to achieve a more secure joint.

Free Spinning Locking Fasteners

  • Lock Bolts
    • Place Bolts
    • SEMS Screw (Bolt)
    • Serrated Flange Bolts
  • Lock nuts
    • Hex
      • Conduit
      • Cone
      • Serrated Flange
    • Flex Type
    • K Lock (Keps) – External / Internal Tooth
    • Nylon Insert
    • Prevailing Torque
    • Reversible     
    • Top
  • Lock Washers
    • Combination External / Internal Tooth
    • Disc Washer
    • External Tooth
    • Internal Tooth
    • Split Lock
    • Wave Spring

Fastener Locking Modifications

Another method of increasing resistance to loosening involves modifying the fastener.  Common practices include drilling holes or embedding a nylon type material in the fastener.

Achieving anti-loosening properties by drilling involves drilling horizontal holes across a fastening device.  Typically these holes are drilled through the head, shank, threads or corners and allow for safety wire to run through the hole.  Safety wire is secured to a stationary component limiting movement of the fastener.  Holes drilled across the shank accommodate cotter pins for castellated or slotted nuts in addition to wires.  Both provide a quick visual check to ensure the fastener has not come loose due to vibration.

Embedding a nylon type material in a fastener requires machining a hole or strip into the threaded portion of the fastener.  This hole or strip accommodates a plug or bar of nylon type material that fills the threads of the mating material when tightened.  The material creates a greater resistance against the mating material thereby creating a more securely fastened joint.  The industry refers to this as a nylon pellet or nylon strip.

Locking Compounds

AALL AMERICAN Fasteners offers a full range of common and brand name locking or sealing compounds such as Loctite®, Vibratite®, Nylock® and 3M Scotch Grip®.  There are factory applied compounds or compounds sold for application at the time of installation.  When selecting a locking or sealing compound, give consideration to the application material, the temperature range of the application and any exposure to liquids, gases or chemicals.  

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