Universal Stiffener

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Printed Circuit Board Stiffener
The Universal Stiffener™ is an aluminum bar that functions as a mechanical printed circuit board (PCB) stiffener, a heat transfer device or an electrical bus bar.   The bar fastens to a PCB with machine screws or rivets anywhere along the length of the bar.  This is a lower cost alternative to machined fiberglass or machined metal PCB stiffeners.

Large PCB's require a mechanical stiffener to eliminate warp and bow which is often present.  This is a must for good guidance of a PCB into an edge connector and for reliable operation afterward.  

The typical construction for a PCB stiffener is a rectangular bar with drilled and tapped holes.  Most PCB stiffeners are just that, but drilling and tapping holes in a bar is expensive.  The Universal Stiffener, available for machine screw or rivet mounting, reduces this expense with design that will accept a screw or rivet anywhere along its length. 

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