Metric Anchors

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Metric Anchors
AALL AMERICAN Fasteners offers a wide variety of quality metric anchors suitable for all applications and materials.

Anchors are a viable solution for attaching one object to another particularly when the surface object is hard and solid such as stone, brick or concrete or hollow such as drywall.  Determining a suitable anchor for the application will depend on the material and condition of the surface object and the size, weight and directional force of the object being anchored.

Anchor fasteners and hardware include but are not limited to:

  • Conical Anchors
  • Drive Anchors
    • Hammer
    • Nail
    • Pin
  • Drop-In Anchors
  • Drywall Anchors
  • Expansion Anchors
  • Hollow-wall Anchors
  • Self-Tapping
  • Toggle Bolt Anchors
  • Wedge Anchors
  • Wood Screw Anchors

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