We manage your inventory so you don’t have to!

AALL AMERICAN Fasteners offers tailored inventory management solutions to fit your lean supply chain strategies from kitting, custom packaging and labeling to Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Vending Solutions, Kanban and Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery programs.

What are the top 10 key benefits of a VMI partnership with AALL AMERICAN Fasteners? 

  • Zero Freight Charges
  • Reduced Material Handling
  • Eliminate Stock-Outs, Shortages and Line Stoppage
  • Just-In-Time Delivery
  • Consolidated Sourcing and Billing
  • Cost Savings Through Reduced Inventory
  • Improved Quality / Reduction in Defects
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Lower Administrative Costs
  • Reduced Warehouse Space

Inventory management is an integral part of a successful lean supply chain strategy for all size OEM or custom manufacturers.  AALL AMERICAN Fasteners plays a key role in optimizing efficiency through managed inventory and ongoing process improvements throughout your supply chain.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Our VMI staff make it their business to understand your business.  Their extensive fastener and component product knowledge paired with an understanding of your business goals establishes a solid foundation for building an effective inventory management solution.  They work closely with your team to develop inventory levels and JIT delivery schedules ensuring only the inventory needed to sustain production output is on hand. 

Our VMI Account Managers are Trained In:
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standards
  • Principals of Lean Logistics
  • Implementing Workplace Organization & 5S
  • Six Sigma Disciplines
  • Business Process Analysis & Improvement

Vending Solutions

Vending machines and tool cribs compliment standard VMI programs by providing point-of-use management for industrial products such as abrasives, cutting tools, drill bits, MRO supplies, tools, gloves and personal protection equipment.

Our vending solutions are flexible and suitable for standard or industrial environments.  Web-based vending software solutions provide analytical reporting by product, job, department and user through standard report format or dashboard views.

Benefits of using vending machine technology to dispense and track usage of high consumable products include: 
  • Controlled Internal Distribution
  • Cost Savings Through Reduced Inventory
  • Full Time Access to Controlled Inventory
  • Increased Efficiency 
  • Usage Reporting


Blanket Order Stock Programs

Account managers review your recurring purchases, quantities and prices to determine which items are suited for a blanket order stock program.   Once we receive your blanket order, we hold inventory at our location to ensure we have what you need when you need it.  You don't pay for it until it hits your stockroom.

We stock so you don’t have to!

Our goal is to reduce your costs with quantity discounts and eliminate shutdowns by ensuring long lead time items are purchased in advance and stocked at our location for JIT delivery. 

Kitting and Assembly

Utilizing AALL AMERICAN Fasteners for your kitting and assembly needs is a cost saving measure that improves customer satisfaction, reduces purchasing, inventory and material handling and allows your resources to focus on core competencies.

We Manage All Aspects of the End-to-End Kitting Process:
  • Purchasing
  • Receiving
  • Kitting and Multi-Part Kitting
  • Bagging 
  • Assembly
  • Custom Labeling and Numbering
  • Quality Control
  • Storing
  • Shipping or Delivery
Our fully trained, in-house staff employ ISO 9001:2015 quality standards in assembling parts for kitting.  Our training and high quality control standards ensure each kit you receive contains the exact parts requested in the correct quantities.  Proper kitting, bagging and labeling reduce the need for customer call backs contributing to lower returns and higher customer satisfaction.

Fleet Inventory Services

Fleet inventory services are customizable to your needs.  We stock material in the package quantities you need at our facilities and get them to you with weekly pickups, shipments or deliveries.  AALL AMERICAN Fasteners will keep your vehicles fully stocked and on the road – no more last minute runs to those expensive big box suppliers.

If you have a project requiring a specific bill of material, we will source and package the material for you on a by-the-job basis.  

Whether your fleet inventory services are by-the-truck or by-the-job, we provide regular reporting by division, job, truck or shipment providing ease of accounting and traceability.

Our Commitment

AALL AMERICAN Fasteners is committed to exceeding customer standards for quality, delivery and value.  We share our customers’ priorities and direct our efforts to address their needs for advice, best value solutions and fast, reliable service. 

Through close collaboration and partnering with our customers, we become an extension of your company.  We take responsibility for the end-to-end fastener and component supply chain freeing up your resources to focus on core competencies.

Contact us today to learn how AALL AMERICAN Fasteners will focus on solutions, increase productivity and improve your bottom line. 

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