Heavy Hex Bolts, Grade 5, Plain (inch)

Heavy Hex Bolts, Grade 5, Plain (inch)
Grade 5 heavy hex bolts are externally threaded fasteners made of carbon steel.  Bolts designated as heavy hex bolts are very similar to standard hex bolts however the head size across the flats and across the corners is larger providing a broader bearing surface.  

Grade 5, identified by three radial lines on the head, designates the mechanical properties of a fastener.  They are medium carbon / carbon steel with additives and they are quenched and tempered for added strength.  Grade 5 fasteners are higher in tensile and yield strength and have proof load and hardness ratings higher than Grade 2 fasteners.  

Heavy hex bolts fall under The American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ (ASME) standard category “Bolts, Studs and Threaded Rod”.  These bolts are fully threaded or partially threaded depending on the length with a six sided, hexagonal head.  
The ASME standard covers hex bolt dimensional specifications designated by ASME B18.2.1.  The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) govern the chemical and mechanical specifications included in ASME B18.2.1.  

Heavy Hex Bolt Specifications

  • ASME B18.2.1 - Bolt, Stud and Threaded Rod Dimensions
Body Diameter (E) Bolt Length (L)
Head Height (H) Radius of Fillet (R)
Thread Length (LT) Transition Thread Length (Y)
Width Across Flats (F)
Width Across Corners (G)

  • Grade 5 - Carbon steel bolts, 105,000-120,000 PSI tensile strength​
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