What is a bolt? 

Bolts are externally threaded devices used in conjunction with similarly threaded nuts to create a joining of two or more components.  Standard inch and metric bolts are available in a variety of sizes, strengths, materials and finishes and are an integral part of a mechanical joint. Different styles of bolts work better than others depending on the job and its specifications. It is important that the correct bolt be used in conjunction with the specific job at hand.


AALL AMERICAN Fasteners Provides All Varieties of Bolts

Bolts may have a hexagon shaped head, a square head, a T-head or a slotted head requiring different tools for installation.  Further characteristics of a bolt include the strength or grade, the length, the diameter, the thread pitch and the material and finish.  For more information on bolt Material and Physical and Dimension Standards, see the Bolts, Studs and Threaded Rod Standards page in our Technical Resources section. 

When designing a mechanical joint, it is important to ensure the bolt, nut and material being joined are compatible in thread dimension, material and finish to guard against galling, joint weakness or failure.  The method of installation, by hand tool or by high-speed machine, is also a key factor of joint integrity.  Ensuring the bolt grade and finish are suitable for the installation method is essential to a successful joint.

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