Printed Circuit Board Stiffener

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Universal PCB Stiffener

Large printed circuit boards (PCB) require a mechanical stiffener to eliminate warp and bow which is often present.  This is a must for good guidance of a PCB into an edge connector and for reliable operation afterward.


Why use a PCB Stiffener?

  • Reduce warp and bow when handling large PCB.
  • Eliminate dangerous deflection due to vibration and bending.
  • Assure good guidance of a PCB into its backplane connector.

Advantages that may improve your design:

  • Same bar will mount on PCB's with different hole locations.
  • Eliminate close tolerances between mounting holes on PCB's.
  • In most cases, the PCB stiffener will occupy less precious real estate on the board.
  • Can be mounted over insulated spacers to clear copper traces or wire adds.
  • Can be anodized different colors for coding.
  • Ideal PCB label area, when used on read edge of the PCB.
  • Strong and light weight.
  • Clean, professional appearance.
  • Rivet mounting reduces assembly time.
  • Can also be used as a heat sink or power/ground bus.  (Use metal spacers and washers.)

For additonal information on universal printed circuit board stiffeners, contact AALL AMERICAN Fasteners toll free at 877-791-4426 or send a request for quote directly to our sales office.
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