AALL AMERICAN Fasteners prides itself on providing customers with exactly what they need from off-the-shelf parts and spec-to-print fabrication to kitting and assembly.  Partnering with our customers to ensure a profitable end product is a key focus throughout our entire organization.

Spec-to-Print Fabrication and Custom Modifications 

There are tens of thousands of standard fasteners available yet there are times when none are quite right for your application.

Let AALL AMERICAN Fasteners make it right for you!

Our fastener experts work closely with your engineers and design teams to recommend and source the fasteners and hardware needed to meet specifications.  If a part doesn’t exist, we will work with our manufacturing and custom fabrication partners to build a product to specification.  

From spec-to-print, we have your fastener solution.  AALL AMERICAN Fasteners specializes in manufacturing custom products to your engineering designs.   We partner with thousands of manufacturers domestically and internationally to find the most cost effective solutions to meet your product requirements.  From the initial concept, critical characteristic identification, prototyping and first article samples to manufacturing, quality control and on-time-delivery our team manages all aspects of your project.

Semi-custom parts made through modifications, can be a cost effective solution in many instances.  

Standard modifications include:
Grinding - Grinding alters the size and or appearance of a fastener.  In applications requiring tight tolerances, fasteners are ground with precision to meet size specifications.  Grinding processes also improve a surface finish or are used to achieve specific finish aesthetics.
Drilling – Drilling of fasteners is common and is typically used to ensure a fastener does not come loose or as a means of maintaining pressure.  

Holes drilled horizontally across the fastening device allow for wires to pass through which are then secured to prevent loosening.  Typically these holes are drilled through the head, shank, threads or corners and allow for a quick visual check to ensure the fastener has not come loose due to vibration.  Holes drilled across the shank accommodate cotter pins for castellated or slotted nuts in addition to wires.
There are also holes drilled through the fastener to maintain constant pressure referred to as venting.  These holes are drilled lengthwise through the fastening device or plug.
Machining – Machining covers a number of post-manufacture processes that alter the shape of the fastening product.  These processes, sometimes referred to as semi-custom fabrication, save time and money over fabricating a device from scratch while still meeting specification.
Machining processes include:
  • Cutting/trimming – changing the size or customizing the shape
  • Grooving – machining grooves to accommodate rings, gaskets, clips or other devices
  • Slotting – creating a slot either in the head of a fastener for installation or in the threads/shank

Secondary Processes

Many times off-the-shelf products are exactly what you need.  Other times what you need requires just a modification or two.  There are a number of secondary processes available to accommodate those adjustments including:
  • Lubricants – facilitate the assembly, service and disassembly of fasteners and guard against galling
  • Plating and Finishes – protect from corrosion, improve appearance or achieve a special property
  • Sealing Solutions – seals and locks a joint in gas or liquid applications
  • Self-locking Treatments – hold, lock or seal the fastener joint yet allow for disassembly or reuse and protect against loosening from vibration
Contact our Certified Fastener Specialist to collaborate on your requirements or forward your drawings and specifications for a FREE QUOTE


Utilizing AALL AMERICAN Fasteners for your customized kitting needs is a cost saving measure that improves customer satisfaction, reduces purchasing, inventory and material handling and allows your resources to focus on core competencies.

We manage all aspects of the end-to-end kitting process:
  • Purchasing
  • Receiving
  • Kitting and Multi-Part Kitting
  • Bagging 
  • Custom Labeling and Numbering
  • Quality Control
  • Storing
  • Shipping / Delivery
Our fully trained, in-house staff employ ISO 9001:2015 quality standards in assembling parts for kitting.  Our training and high quality control standards ensure each kit you receive contains the exact parts requested in the correct quantities.  Proper kitting, bagging and labeling reduce the need for customer call backs contributing to lower returns and higher customer satisfaction.


AALL AMERICAN Fasteners offers assembly services to customers in varied industries.  We implement efficient, cost effective and documented processes developed from samples or work instructions to deliver final assemblies.  As an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company, it is our practice to employ high quality standards throughout all of our processes ensuring accurate and consistent results delivered on time.

Our assembly services include:
  • Process Review & Documentation
  • Parts Procurement 
  • Receiving & Inbound Quality Inspection
  • Assembly
  • Storing
  • Final Quality Inspections
  • Delivery
Outsourcing assembly processes is a cost effective way to streamline production, reduce costs and allow your resources to focus on core competencies. 

Our Commitment

AALL AMERICAN Fasteners is committed to exceeding customer standards for quality, delivery and value.  We share our customers’ priorities and direct our efforts to address their needs for advice, best value solutions and fast, reliable service. 

Through close collaboration and partnering with our customers, we become an extension of your company.  We take responsibility for the end-to-end fastener and component supply chain freeing up your resources to focus on core competencies.

Contact us today to learn how AALL AMERICAN Fasteners will focus on solutions, increase productivity and improve your bottom line.

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